Property Development And Structural Engineer Services

At HWM Surveyors we offer a number of services in the area of property development, these include stage inspections/building supervision for new build properties, development appraisals/residual valuations of land and feasibility studies.

Professional consultants certificate – Lenders will generally only lend on a newly built (or newly converted) property where the property is covered by Professional Consultant Certificate (PCC). The PCC is provided by professional consultants when monitoring the construction or conversion of residential buildings. We will visit the property to check its progress of construction and its conformity with drawings approved under building regulations procedures.  All of our surveyors have the appropriate experience in the monitoring of the construction and conversion of residential buildings. We maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance to cover any liability under the certificate.

Development appraisals/residual valuation of land – Residual valuation is the process of valuing land with development potential. We carry out these complex valuations for lenders and developers in order to establish the value of a development site. We will calculate the gross development value of the completed site, and deduct the associated costs of development. These costs include the build costs, cost of finance, developers profit, marketing and sales, fees, acquisition costs, and other ancillary costs.

Feasibility studies – We have carried out a large number of feasibility studies for developers to advise the projected gross development value for a potential development site. The purpose of the feasibilty study is to establish for a developer whether the project is profitable, and to help identify potential options in the development process. The assessment is presented in a structured way which allows the client to decide whether or not to proceed to the next stage.

Structural engineer services – We offer a full range of engineer services ranging from general structural inspections, specific defect diagnosis raised by mortgage surveyors, trial holes, works supervision, party wall works and structural alterations/calculations. If you have concerns about the structural stability of your property, whether this could be subsidence, cracks or tree root interference we can supply a report to meet your requirements.