Landlord & Tenant

New leases or lease renewals and rent reviews can be difficult and time-consuming tasks full of pitfalls.

Our professional advice has been instrumental in ensuring fair negotiation and a reduction in trauma.

HWM are actively involved in all aspects of commercial leases and our involvement at the beginning of a lease can protect both landlord and tenant during and when the lease ends.

Most leases now include scheduled rent reviews and a rental valuation is a good opportunity to gain an objective consideration of a realistic rental for both landlords and tenants. As well as providing expertise in assessing value, HWM can also be a well-informed conduit for negotiations.

Fees are always dependant on individual cases and can be success-related. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Schedule of Condition

As a tenant, your liability for property repairs can be limited with a Schedule of Condition. Normally produced at the start of the lease period, the Schedule of Condition is a detailed document which describes fully the condition of the property. Photographs are included and any defect noted.

The Schedule acts as evidence of any defects which pre-existed the lease and can protect both landlord and tenant.

A Schedule of Condition is useful in many situations but is particularly important to commercial tenants with repairing liabilities. When acquiring property either under a new lease or by taking an assignment it is essential that the lease end liabilities are closely considered and a detailed Schedule of Condition will protect an ingoing tenant by limiting the extent of work that can be claimed on expiry. After inspection the Schedule of Condition should be agreed, signed and referred to in the lease.

Schedule of Dilapidation

At the end of a lease, a Schedule of Dilapidation is the fairest means of assessing a property’s defects and the cost of making it right.

It is an entirely factual document which details every fault in a property. Where there is no Schedule of Condition, this report makes a straightforward list of defects.

Where a Schedule of Condition exists, the report notes any new defects. Importantly, this document can protect both landlord and tenant.

Our expertise covers property valuations and building surveys for both commercial and residential clients as well as business rates, landlord and tenant issues, homebuyer’s reports and defect diagnosis.